Stained Concrete Nashville

Old concrete, even in excellent condition, can a get to a point where it looks very unattractive. Most people try to hide unsightly floors with brick, pavers, carpeting, and other flooring products that could improve appearances.

Now, there’s a more low-cost option: stained concrete. As a protective coating put on concrete floors that hide blemishes and provide color. Stained concrete is well-liked because it’s decorative and affordable.

Stained Concrete Interiors and Exteriors

Concrete staining is ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. Typical surface applications for staining are driveways, front entryways, pool decks, living rooms, patios, kitchens, and more.

Also, it can perform as an extra decorative layer to other floor resurfacing job such as a stamped concrete project. It proves an excellent chance for home and business owners to personalize surfaces to match their style or corporate themes.

Types of Stained Concrete

You have two types of stains: water-based and acid. They both offer distinct color effects and benefits. Here’s a short description:

Acid Stain – This is an acid-based solution that creates a reaction on a bare concrete floor. Just one color can form hues and creative patterns that make every acid stain concrete job distinct.

Water-based Stain – This is a non-reactive stain that enters concrete floors and creates opaque colors, different from the semi-translucent effect created by acid stains. Cement stain work done with a water-based stain is perfect for individuals who want a more specific design or pattern with consistent, bold colors.

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One-of-a-Kind Stained Concrete

If you must have a concrete contractor put stains on your concrete floors, you might as well partner with someone who understands how to stain concrete with excellent results. The team of professionals at Nashville Epoxy Flooring has the right training, equipment, tools, and experience to make each project successful.

Stained concrete remains one of the most economical solutions for getting an easy to clean, fabulous flooring surface that can stay sustainable even in high traffic areas.

Best Stained Concrete Contractor Nashville

We have years of professional experience in doing stained concrete for Nashville homes and businesses. We also offer concrete resurfacing service. Do you have a decorative concrete project in mind? Then get in touch with us by email or phone, so we can assist you in coming up with the right solutions for all your concrete floor desires.

Our concrete staining solutions transform ordinary gray concrete found in several Nashville commercial and residential properties into remarkable surfaces that are both lasting and beautiful. With the natural shades of cement, stains enrich the natural feel of concrete while delivering variable shades and vibrant colors.

Besides, coatings of darker colors can be put on top of lighter colors, resulting in unique shades and blending that delivers variation and depth to your floors. At Nashville Epoxy Flooring, we can create distinct tones and patterns, giving our customers individualized flooring solutions. Contact us to discover more about our best stained concrete service!

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