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Polished concrete flooringPolished Concrete has many unique benefits for you that no other flooring system can deliver at affordable installation costs. Several of these benefits are only attainable if a concrete epoxy professional is hired to perform the work. Some of the ways that polished concrete flooring systems offer more performance over others remains:

Little maintenance: who doesn’t want floors that are simple to clean? A polished concrete floor only needs some light sweeping and mopping to remain clean. You don’t have to spend money on in-depth cleaning solutions or waxes. You also won’t be spending excessive amounts of money on repairs and maintenance.

Aesthetic Appeal: a polished concrete floor delivers superb choices in designs and colors that cannot be mirrored by more popular options such as tile.

Lifespan: a polished floor is not susceptible to typical damages that would otherwise require costly replacements and repairs. Your floors last longer than other flooring option.

Resistance: foot-traffic won’t wear on your floors. That means the beauty of your floors won’t dull from everyday use. Also, polished concrete floors are resistant to water damage, which is critical when it comes to industrial and commercial properties.

An Epoxy Floor Coating remains a popular choice for residential garages and commercial properties as it remains resilient for years. Although it’s effective at preventing your home’s concrete slab from getting damaged, you’ll see it used throughout Nashville businesses, including:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Manufacturing & Warehouses
  • Education
  • Chemical Processing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Retail Stores
  • Transportation
  • Public Safety & Fire Departments
  • Government Centers
  • Nail Salon Floors
  • Barbershop Floors
  • And many more applications.

They also offer many of the same styles and design options you would see used in full resin flooring systems. Whatever aesthetics you need for your home or a local small business, we can apply them all, including your new:

  • Self-Dispersing Floor
  • Self-Dispersing with Quartz
  • Self-Leveling Floors
  • Mortar Epoxy
  • Graveled Finish
  • Terrazzo Epoxy
  • Antistatic FlooringDecorative Flakes
  • And more epoxy floor coatings.

Whenever you put in a new flooring system, it is typical to want to know how long it will last or if it requires special treatment. The lifecycle of a polished concrete floor is not just a straightforward answer. It depends on several factors, including the current age of the concrete, foot traffic, maintenance, environment, and installation. All these items play a larger part in how long your polished concrete floors will last.

Typically, they last more than 15 years with proper care and installations done by a professional.

Even though polished concrete floors are resistant to general damages and durable, there are maintenance recommendations for your floors that will aid in extending their already long lifecycles.

  • Mop/dust daily and regularly examine your floors for abrasions and cracks.
  • Don’t utilize cleaners that have high levels of soap. These cleaners create build up and smudges as well as dull the beauty of your flooring.
  • Don’t use chemicals on your floors. They will eat away at the coating.
  • If there is a spill, clean it ASAP. Even though chemicals don’t absorb into your flooring, they can be hazardous.
  • Give your cleaner plenty of time on your polished surface to break down the dirt. However, don’t let it dry on your flooring surfaces.

Polishing your concrete floors can eliminate small stains. It can also fix surface level damages. Every flooring circumstance is vastly different. The depth of the stain, age of the concrete, and numerous other dynamics play a vital role in whether or not your flooring can be cleaned by polishing.

What most folks don’t know about epoxy flooring is that it can last years if it has been adequately maintained and professionally installed. When you get epoxy floors produced by a contractor, the techniques and materials used are going to be way above average. You don’t have to fret about your epoxy floors chipping off or becoming unbonded from the concrete slab.

Well-installed epoxy floors are one of the sound investments you can make for your business or home. You can expect your epoxy floors to last way over 20 years. Some epoxy flooring units have lasted over 25 years.

The truth is epoxy flooring can be put anywhere where concrete can get poured, or you already have concrete surfaces. An epoxy flooring system has an assortment of uses in the commercial, industrial, and residential fields. You can have an epoxy floor in a driveway, kitchen, or medical facility. And that’s just the beginning.

The specially formulated mixture used to install an epoxy flooring system makes it right for any environment. The only issue you will have when you decide where you want to have an epoxy floor is how to personalize it.

Stained concrete can outdo practically any other flooring option that you could find like pricey marble and natural stone choices. Over time, carpeting becomes raggedy with the padding sprouts mold. Hardwood floors crack, and stone surfaces at some point will look hazy.

Cement can take a beating. Since the colors get created via chemical reactions, they won’t fade anytime soon. All you have to do is quickly wipe up spills, as well as mop and dust regularly to keep them looking fantastic.

You won’t discover another flooring system that delivers as many customizable choices or can last a long time as concrete. Take pleasure in honest and up-front installations that can last for years and years. Hire our stained cement flooring contractors at Nashville Epoxy Flooring!

Some of the benefits of acid stained floors are the ability to use your current concrete surface, affordable costs, low maintenance, endless custom design options. Every acid stain concrete floor job is unique.

High Toughness – acid-stained concrete doesn’t wear out. The finishes are light resistant, and they are combustible. When installed correctly, acid-stained concrete floors don’t fade, discolor, chip, or peel.

Beauty and Elegance – Acid-stained concrete floor displays elegance and beauty that is matchless by any other epoxy floor covering. Though, the attraction is contingent on the installer’s application and substrate techniques.

An Assortment of Finishes – acid-stained concrete floors can be renovated to produce a more polished look, feel, and texture of stone-like marble.

Less Radiant Heat – radiant heat won’t dry out your skin or breathing passages

Waterproof – If correctly installed and designed, stained concrete floors are unaffected by water. Moisture could get through the concrete. However, it doesn’t leave any lasting effect.

Most epoxy garage floor systems take 1 day. This is the process for an epoxy garage and timeline.

  1. Concrete floor prep and Grinding Time: 3 hours
  2. Sweeping up dust and cleaning to prepare for coatings 1 hour
  3. Put on the first coat of epoxy 1 hour
  4. Broadcast flakes throughout the epoxy floor
  5. Once the epoxy starts to cure with the flakes, it’s time to put an epoxy topcoat on the floor. This can also be done in polyaspartic.
  6. Enjoy your floor! (be careful, don’t park a car on this floor for atleast 48 hours!)

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