Epoxy Floors Nashville leads the pack for high quality and durable epoxy floors for residential and commercial applications in the Nashville, Tennessee area. When you’re searching for epoxy flooring contractors near me, keep Epoxy Floors Nashville in mind.

What to Look for in Epoxy Flooring Contractors Near Me

When you’re considering your flooring options, you need to consider the needs specific to your project and the services available from the contractors you’re looking at. Some important things to look for are:

Are they licensed and insured?

First, ensure they are licensed, bonded, and insured. If they’re not, there are legal issues and huge liabilities. If your epoxy flooring contractor does a 1,000 square ft floor that costs $10 per square ft, and then it bubbles and looks horrible, what do you do? Legal contractors go through training and maintain education and practice in new and developing techniques for their services. Epoxy flooring contractors near me

Do They have good Testimonials, Examples, and References?

Look at the testimonials and gallery of work to see their quality. Photos and word of mouth recommendations are some of the best methods of understanding the skills of the contractors of a company. Viewing any awards and reviews is an important consideration in the final decision.


Quotes should take place during a consultation on the property; this way, the contractor can see the surface they’ll be working on and provide you with a more accurate estimate. Contractors are less likely to underestimate or go over budget if they are able to see the details of the space before they start work on it.

Materials and Techniques

Ask the contractor what materials they prefer to use for spaces like yours. Ask them about the techniques that will best serve the purpose. Different flooring systems solve different problems. Differing techniques will also give you variable appearances.

Ensure Your Contractors Prepare the Surface Properly

If the contractor crew doesn’t perform repairs and a moisture test, they are taking short cuts, and should not be the crew you hire. For long term epoxy surfacing, you’ll need to seal cracks and prepare the surface to be coated in a hard epoxy resin. Discuss the plan of action, step by step.

Protection of Property

How will the crew ensure that their tools and processes won’t damage your property? You will want to discuss that with the crew leader and discuss what will happen if damages do occur.

Contact with Contractors

If you struggle to get a response from your hired contractor, it’s a sign that the contractor crew may not be trustworthy. If you have questions that you need to ask, or get clarification on, you need to be able to contact the company providing services. Trust your gut. This is part of why you need to consider the reviews of the company for more than the quality of work.

Epoxy Floors Nashville – Services

Epoxy Floors Nashville does more than just Epoxy Floors. Our services span a wide range of flooring solutions for your residential or commercial properties. Our techs work with you to determine the best solution for your project’s specific needs. We offer flooring solutions such as:

Concrete resurfacing 

Concrete resurfacing is a low-cost method of restoring lightly damaged concrete surfaces with thin layers to repair small faults.

Decorative concrete 

Decorative concrete is an eco-friendly option to give new life to old concrete through artistic manipulation. This may include molding to mimic other building materials, such as stone or hardwood.

Polished Concrete 

Polished concrete is a durable option for internal and external applications. It creates a beautiful shine and levels low-grade damages.

Stained concrete 

Stained concrete is an inexpensive method to brighten old, but undamaged concrete, by using the naturally porous concrete to absorb color and give it visual dimension.

Epoxy floor coatings 

Epoxy floor coatings are a self-leveling, durable resin epoxy used to seal light damage and give new life to concrete floors. It is a shiny, easy to clean option for high traffic areas.

Garage floor epoxy 

Garage floor epoxy is a durable, easy to clean resin epoxy surfacing. It can be poured with or without textured aggregate for areas of heavy wear and tear, or likely spills and scuffs.

Epoxy flooring contractors

Metallic epoxy 

Metallic epoxy is a customizable, artistic, and creative floor surfacing made from resin epoxy. It uses metallic pigments and is ideal for entertaining spaces, man caves, and more.

We are Nashville proud. We’re familiar with the wear and tear of the Nashville seasons and the damage they can do. We work with a comprehensive network of licensed professionals with decades of experience in concrete and epoxy restoration. Our methods and techniques ensure that your driveways, garages, warehouses, and workshops remain functional and bright. 

Our network of concrete and epoxy professionals can polish concrete floors to remove minor stains and repair light damage. We can also repair and seal more significant wear and tear and bring new life to your floors. Epoxy Floors Nashville is here to provide you with knowledge and satisfaction in our work. 

With quality work, and our promise to provide the best contractors for the job, you can be rest assured that the investment you put into your concrete or epoxy floors will stand up to the test of your lifestyle. We also only work with the best teams that have proven their ability to provide exceptional service. 

Epoxy floors can significantly increase your living and workspaces’ longevity and increase your return on investment. A properly installed and maintained epoxy floor can last at least 25 years. Polished concrete, when properly maintained, can last 15 years. Maintaining your concrete to prevent significant cracking reduces the costly repairs needed years down the road

Free Consultation

Give Epoxy Floors Nashville a call to discuss your needs and plan to restore your floors with our concrete or epoxy services. Our professionals look forward to helping you find the right team to realize your vision for your floors. 

Our service area spans Nashville and the neighboring communities. We can work on properties in Brentwood, La Vergne, Mount Juliet, Franklin, and the greater Nashville Metro area. You can find us on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter.