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Epoxy Floor Contractors Nashville TN

What makes us different? We are ahead of the curve when it comes to floor coatings. Not only are we installers but we actually manufactur and train other installers how to properly apply concrete floor coatings. As a division of XPS, we are a national concrete polishing and epoxy flooring company, our goal is to make our floors last for life.

Metallic Epoxy Floor NashvilleFloors For Life

We care about your floors, show up on time, and do the job the way it’s supposed to. We aren’t a fly by night company that’s going away the next day.

Our epoxy installation team at Nashville Epoxy Flooring will come to your property, perform an inspection, and talk with you about your flooring desires and needs. We’ll talk with you about a project plan within your budget. Epoxy flooring stays on the rise among home and business owners. We want you to enjoy the results of having this resilient type of flooring in your property.

If you are unsure of what epoxy is, let us provide you with the information. Epoxy becomes a combination of hardener and resin. When mixed, the chemicals comingle to create a plastic, rigid material.

It bonds excellently to substrate materials and can withstand degradation. Epoxy flooring becomes a coating applied over concrete flooring that stays porous and rough. Epoxy floors can withstand years of wear and tear and are slip resistant.

Why Are We The Best Epoxy Flooring And Concrete Coating Contractor In Nashville?

What draws most people to Epoxy Floors Nashville is our level of dependability and experience. We are the only installer in the entire state with a showroom with hundreds of different options where you can see all of the machinery and team all in one place. But let our work speak for us

getting epoxy flooring is the level of durability. What always surprises most of our customers remains the versatility of designs and colors. Epoxy flooring contractors used to only perform on retail stores and commercial properties.

Now, homeowners are reaping the benefits, especially households with children and pets. Like business owners, homeowners with little ones and furry friends need wear-resistant flooring.

Epoxy flooring coatings stay scratch, scuff, and stain resistant. They can also get topped with a slip-resistant application to enhance safety. Epoxy floors produce aesthetic appeal and require minimal cleaning and maintenance to keep your surfaces at their best, including your:

  • Self-Dispersing Floors

  • Self-Dispersing Epoxy with Quartz Sand

  • Self-Leveling Coatings

  • Mortar Epoxy

  • Custom Graveled Floors

  • Terrazzo Designs

  • Antistatic Epoxy Flooring

  • Decorative Floor Flakes

  • Residential Flooring

  • Commercial Applications

  • And more epoxy floor coatings.

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Top Nashville Concrete Resurfacing Contractors

Since flooring suffers wear and tear due to children running across the floor, spills from working on the lawn mower, and stains from leaking oil, the only smart flooring choices are epoxy or concrete. However, concrete is dull-looking, stains easily, absorbs moisture, hard, and slippery. On the other hand, epoxy becomes the polar opposite.

The resin mixture our contractors use is attractive and shiny, stain resistant, slip resistant, soft, and simple to clean.

Epoxy coating evens out on its own, creating a smooth, flawless surface. If you own an industrial property, this remains critical. You want flooring where fork truck drivers don’t have to worry about driving over cracks or crevices.

Ferrari Epoxy Garage

Epoxy Flooring Contractors Near Me

Epoxy flooring remains so strong it can get used in any setting. At Nashville Epoxy Flooring, our goal is to give you budget-friendly surfaces that are as functional as it is beautiful.

We are famous for being the Nashville epoxy flooring company that will push the creative bounds to guarantee your dream floors come to fruition.

Epoxy flooring contractors used to only perform on retail stores and commercial properties. Your job isn’t just another project for us. It’s forever a part of the Nashville Epoxy Flooring portfolio.

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Best Epoxy Flooring Contractors Nashville

Picking the right epoxy flooring contractors stays a job within itself. When you partner with us to get new flooring, there are a few things that are guaranteed. We aim to remain the most trusted name in epoxy flooring in the Nashville area. Get in touch with us to learn how your floors can benefit from one of our services like:

  • Garage Floor Epoxy

  • Epoxy Floor Coatings

  • Metallic Epoxy Floors

  • Polished Concrete

  • Stained Concrete

  • Decorative Concrete

  • Concrete Resurfacing

  • Residential Epoxy Flooring

  • Commercial Epoxy Systems

We never compromise quality for money or time. You will never feel duped into getting a service you don’t need. Our work might be quick, but you can be sure it’s thorough. Since customer service is our goal for every job, if you aren’t pleased with the results, then we aren’t pleased as well.

With our team, you get quality flooring work done with quality products. We’ll put the whole project in writing, so there are no surprises.

Every member of our flooring crew has years of experience in the industry. The floors we install for your property will look fantastic. That stays a testimony to our craft and is an excellent form of advertising to what we maintain daily. If you need to bring that extra sparkle to your business or home, give us a call!

Our Services

The following are our most common services for epoxy flooring in Nashville TN

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Nashville Concrete Contractors

Renovating your floors is an affordable way to bring a completely new look to a room or space when you don’t have a lot of money. Whether you need flooring for your kid’s room that you can clean quickly, you want some different for your kitchen, or you want to cover the stains on your garage floor, we can help.

Our flooring solutions deliver visual-appealing floors while demonstrating to be way more cost effective than other flooring types like carpeting, vinyl, and tile. You might not know this, but your surfaces can get customized with your artistic and creative desires. One way is with decorative concrete.

Decorative concrete is a stylish and durable system used for properties with new or existing concrete installations. Various colors and patterns are available. Decorative concrete usually gets installed in places such as patios, walkways, driveways, steps, and around the pool.

Nashville Metallic Epoxy Floors

Over the years, we have grown to add services such as polished concrete and concrete resurfacing, among others. Also, we have accommodated more Nashville homeowners since they deserve just as much excellent concrete and epoxy flooring services as commercial property owners.

Our staff consists of Nashville area residents. They understand how corrupting, and damaging rain can be on cement floors. So, we know all too well that accurate waterproofing is vital. We are proud to say that our contractors are experts who can get right to work and get the job finished correctly and on schedule.

We understand you have specifics that you desire for your floors. That is why no flooring project is ever the same. Every job we take on becomes personalized for every customer.

Nashville Concrete Resurfacing Contractor

Nashville different seasons can do a real job on your exterior concrete surfaces, especially driveways and sidewalks.

Our crew is committed to protecting your investment using the latest developments in the concrete service industry. Like you, we want your concrete surfaces to look good and last a long time.

We partner with homeowners wanting to refinish their patios or condo managers wanting to renovate the walkways around their complexes. Our contractors talk about every step during the consultation. We help you come up with the right solution that fits your budget. Reach to us today to get started on your next flooring project!

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